MAKE ROOM is our 2024 initiative to support current church growth by creating new ministry space and stewarding the existing Connection Kids building to best serve the mission of the church.

Our goal is to raise $500,000 to renovate the Connection Kids building

▶ 5,000 sq. ft of new usable classroom space

▶ Updated kids lobby for more efficient check in

▶ New bathrooms upstairs and downstairs

▶ Updated signage, exterior doors, stairwells

▶ Complete refresh of every room in the Connection Kids building, including offices

Frequently Asked Questions

This project is vital to the present and future of Connection Church, so in the event we don't raise the full $500,000 campaign goal, we will still complete the renovation of the Connection Kids building.

In the event we give more than $500,000 to this campaign, the additional funds will be used for other capital projects on our campus, future expansion, or mortgage reduction.

We'd love to answer any questions you may have CLICK HERE to email Executive Pastor Dan Desrosiers and he'll be able to answer your question.