Be Still

I probably say the phrase, “Be still!” twenty times a day.

My youngest son, Lucas, never stops moving or squirming. He loves to climb and run and jump – he’s like a little lovable tornado.

Lately, I feel like my life has been a little bit like Lucas. We’ve had a crazy few months of traveling, we’re deep in the process of selling our house and trying to buy a new one. We have two young boys who stopped taking naps over the summer – and there’s been very little rest in the midst of it all.

While these are all good things, it’s a lot to process. I’ve been feeling unsettled – like there’s a tempest (or a toddler) storming through my mental and emotional state and I’m flailing about trying to find solid ground in the chaos.

Do you ever feel this way? Like you’re being tossed around in the sea of your life and there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it? You rush from one thing to another and your main goal is simply to get through the day.

Recently, God has been reminding me to BE STILL. To settle into his arms and simply be in his presence. Because even though sometimes it seems like there’s nothing to hold on to – there always is.

There are two moments in the Bible with the command to “be still.”

Maybe the first one that comes to mind is the story of Jesus calming the storm. (Mark 4:35-41)
Jesus and a few of his disciples are in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, and Jesus goes to take a nap and get away from everyone for some much needed rest. During his nap, a crazy squall comes and rocks the boat so badly the disciples completely panic. They wake Jesus up in hysterics, and he proceeds to calmly command the storm to BE STILL.

Instantly, the storm calms. Jesus asks the disciples what they were so worried about? Did they have no faith? The disciples are once again shocked at Jesus’ power, even the wind and the waves obey him!

Jesus still has power over the wind and the waves – and he can command the storms in our lives as well. When I feel out of control and panicked about the future, where is my faith? We never need to resort to despair because Jesus has it under control.

There’s another moment in the Bible where God tells David, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Rest is found in God and God alone. Peace is ours for the taking. Just be still. Know that he is God. Know that he’s got it all under control. Be still and let your soul relax in his sovereignty – the uncertainties in your life, the chaos, the storms – they have no power over our Creator.
Have faith. Be still and know that he is God.
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