Are Moms More Spiritual Than Monks?

Recently, a few mothers in our church have discovered a book called Domestic Monastery.

This very short book is a great encouragement for moms who don’t feel like they have enough time to spend with Jesus in the midst of the chaos of raising a family.

Hannah Garcia shared 3 insights she found helpful from the book:

  • When we consider some of the great Christian monks who spent at least an hour a day in prayer, this degree of commitment seems unattainable to the everyday layperson, let alone those at home with young children. However, this book reflects on the idea that the irreplaceable work of tending to the needs of children can be like prayer in and of itself. 

  • In a vocation like raising children, where the setting is typically removed from “the centers of important power”, parents or guardians are often given the opportunity to let go of the pride of professional success. Becoming mild daily to then serve the mild is an exercise that makes us more like Christ Himself. 

  • In monasteries, there is a bell that rings throughout the day, to which the residents are typically expected to drop everything they are doing and move on to the next task. This illustrates that we need to continually be reorienting our agenda to God’s agenda. In parenting and the endless needs of children, may our hearts also be stretched as we set aside personal wants and needs of our own, to obey the calling of parenthood and discipleship. 

Taking a few minutes to read this book each day over a week will give you fresh insight on what it means to follow Jesus in your busy life. 

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