Connection Between Music, Jesus and Our Kids

My Alexa at home plays a mix of Disney soundtracks and worship music. As we try to disciple our children, music can be a great tool. 

A 17th century song writer gave this timeless piece of wisdom: “What is learned in song is longer retained in memory and sooner recollected.” - Isaac Watts

The songs our kids listen to on a regular basis are helping form their beliefs about God and themselves. When they listen to songs that teach great truths about Jesus, it can often bypass their heads and go straight to their hearts. Some kids' songs teach Scripture verses set to music. What better way to memorize something than putting it to a memorable tune that literally gets stuck in your head. 

We want to help you be intentional about the type of music you play in your house and car by providing some age appropriate suggestions. You can find most of these on your favorite music streaming service. Also, the worship songs you love may also become favorites of your kids. 


Connection Kids Worship Playlist: Songs from Sunday Morning Worship at Connection Kids

Sparkle, Pop, Rampage by Rend Co Kids: Fun and upbeat songs with truth about God

Favorite Songs from Roar VBS by LIfetree Kids

Undefeated by Elevation Church Kids

Pre-K & Toddler

Love Like Jesus , Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop by Orange Kids Music: Many of these songs are heard in the classrooms every Sunday

Turn It Up by Kidspring

Taste and See by Yancy and Little Praise Party


Hidden in my heart by Scripture lullabies

Faith Hope and Lullabies by Lullaby Ensemble

-Pastor Andrew and Miss Marie

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