Let Your Makeup Run

Why do you go to church on Sunday mornings? Do you go to see your friends? Do you go because you know it’s the right thing for your family? Do you go because the preacher is just so funny and relatable? Do you go because the music makes you feel good?

I think sometimes we go to church and we forget the most important thing we can do on a Sunday morning. We get a scheduled time slot to worship the Savior of the universe and bring glory to his name. It sounds simple, but it’s so, so important.

We were created to worship.

We were created to glorify God.

So, on Sunday morning when we are given this beautiful gift of time dedicated to worship him, let’s shut out distractions and actually do it. Worship him in the fullness of his glory (Psalm 96).

I’ve noticed lately that I am so afraid of getting emotional in church that I find myself engaging in distracted, insincere worship. But you know what? Who cares if I let a few tears out at church? Let your makeup run! Put your hands in the air! Close your eyes and block out the distractions. Belt your voice no matter what it sounds like and thank God for all he’s done, and all he has yet to do.

Not a fan of a certain song lyric?
Don’t think you have a good voice?
Too embarrassed to raise your hands?
Don’t want to ruin your makeup with tears? 
Too busy sipping your coffee to open your mouth and sing?

Stop letting these little insecurities and distractions keep you from offering yourself fully to Christ. When you forget about those things, you find freedom, connection, purpose and joy (1 Peter 1:7-8).

If you’re struggling with your purpose or where you belong – every single person on the planet was created with the intention to worship God. There’s no better place to fulfill your purpose and find a place to belong than in a group of believers praising the name of Jesus.

This past Sunday, Pastor Joe shared a word from the Lord during the worship service and what he said has been on mind ever since.

“Worship changes the atmosphere of your life. Here’s what I mean by that… a lot of times when we walk into a place like this we look to others to pep us up… but there is no substitute for you opening your mouth and singing. The scriptures command us to sing not only because God is worthy of our praise… but also because as we sing and as we declare who God is what seems so big in our life gets smaller and God gets bigger. The distractions fade to the background and Jesus becomes the focus. When you’re downcast you sing and you worship through your downcastness because God will lift you up. The scriptures say that God is the lifter of our head… Why does God lift our head?…  so we can see him! Because when he is seen he becomes the center and everything else can find its place. In the midst of your problems, I am calling you to worship. You are not a spectator here this morning. We came here to declare that God is great.”

Are you just a spectator on Sunday mornings? Or are you ready to take your eyes off your problems and focus on the Savior who came to set us free?  Worship is something we should incorporate into every facet of our lives, but a great place to start is on Sunday morning.

Colossions 3:16 says, “Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts.”
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